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Welcome to Productivista, your go-to source for free Adobe Illustrator scripts and automation solutions that can help streamline your design workflow and allow you to design faster. As a graphic designer or small design company, you’re likely all too familiar with the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that can quickly consume your valuable time. But with my scripts and custom automation solutions, you can break free from the monotony and focus on what you do best – designing. Browse my free scripts and automation solutions collection and discover how you can transform your design process today.

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The MockUpinator Script

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Looking to create die-cut lines quickly and efficiently? The MockUpinator script is your solution! This user-friendly script includes adjustable features that make working with packaging a breeze. While the die-cut lines created by this script are intended for mock-ups only and not for technical construction, this script can improve your workflow significantly. Check out my blog post to learn more about how the MockUpinator script can save you time and enhance your design process.

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Generate EAN-13 Barcode

Easily generate EAN-13 barcodes directly in your Adobe Illustrator document with our free script. Input your barcode number as a text string and let the script do the rest. Learn more about how it works and download the script for free on my blog. But before you use the script, install the OCRB Std font on your computer. This font is available on Adobe TypeKit. Don’t let the hassle of generating barcodes slow you down. Try our free script today and see the difference it can make!

Create Labels In A Seconds

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The Label Creator script for Adobe Illustrator streamlines the process of creating labels, hangtags, and packaging. You can create labels with all your variable data in seconds by importing your variable data into Adobe Illustrator and running this set of scripts. The script also automatically replaces 13-digit strings with EAN-13 barcodes directly in your document. Save time and improve your workflow with the Label Creator script.

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A List Of Colours From A Selection

The ColorList script is a powerful tool for textile and fashion designers. It allows you to quickly and easily extract colours from your selection and display them as a list on the artboard. This action and script combination is perfect for improving and streamlining your design workflow. Please read my blog post or watch this video to learn more about using this script.

The Label Creator Script Helping Creating Packaging Versions

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Discover the full potential of the Label Creator script in this video! This powerful tool is great for creating labels and can help you streamline your packaging design process with advanced artwork. With Label Creator, you can streamline your design workflow, save time, and minimize errors. It’s an excellent example of how Illustrator Scripts and Automation can help you to work faster.

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Generate UPC-12 Barcode

Generate UPC-A barcodes in seconds using this free script for Adobe Illustrator. Simply input your barcode number as a text string in your document, and the script will do the rest, replacing it with a working UPC-A barcode. Don’t forget to install the OCRB Std font on Adobe TypeKit. Learn more about this script in my blog post.

Play Video about A banner image for the "PageIndexer Script" by Productivista, showcasing its capability to add page numbers, dates, and document names in Adobe Illustrator. The banner features the Productivista logo at the top, with the tagline "time to create." Below, a large title reads "The PageIndexer Script," followed by a subtitle "Add Page Numbers, Date, and Document Name in Adobe Illustrator." The image includes an icon resembling a date stamp with placeholder text for the day, month, and year, transitioning into examples of the final stamped dates in blue, white, and red gradient backgrounds.

The PageIndexer Script

PageIndexer is the ultimate solution for page numbering and annotation in Adobe Illustrator. This script allows you to add page numbers, document names, and dates to your artboards.
With PageIndexer, you have complete control over text styling, ensuring that your designs make a visual impact. The script seamlessly adapts to different artboard dimensions, making it versatile for any project.
Check out my blog post to learn more about PageIndexer and how it can enhance your Adobe Illustrator workflow.