Create labels in a seconds

Label creator is the script for Adobe Illustrator, helping to create labels, hangtags, and another packaging. Import your variable data in Adobe Illustrator and run this set of scripts. In seconds it will create your labels with all your variable data and replace 13-digits strings with EAN-13 barcode directly in your document.

Help in Creating Versions

This scripts can be used to create artwork for packaging. You can speed up your creative process by organizing your workflows and import your versions. Scripts can save you a lot of time and minimize errors 🙂

Generate EAN-13 barcode

With this script, you can generate EAN-13 barcode directly in your Adobe Illustrator document.  Just place your barcode number in your document as a text string: the script will find it and replace it with working EAN-13 barcode. Please note OCRB10 font must be installed on your computer for this script to work.


Create List of colors from a selection

This combination of action and script extracts colors from a selection and displays them as a list on the artboard. Please read my blog post for more instructions.