The Magic of Copy-Paste: Extension-Paste in Layers

Hello, I am back from my vacation. My plan was to write a post about Appearance palette, but it will wait a little bit. But for now, I want to make a little extension to my theme about Copy-Paste. By coincidence I was lucky to discover some new feature. And I want to write about […]

The Magic of Copy-Paste: PART 2-More tricks and spells

In this Productivista blog, I´ll continue the Copy-Paste theme by showing how you can use it together with Duplicated Artboards But before that, I just want to give another quick tip about where it is smart to use the Cut-Paste method. Sometimes it can happen, that you begin to make some changes to an object […]

The Magic of Copy-Paste: PART 1-Simple tricks

This post in Productivista is about one of my favorite functions in Adobe Illustrator. It is a big time saver, easy to use and works like magic. I love it. Like in many other applications you can Copy your object or text by using the shortcut key “Ctrl/Cmd+C” You can cut your object or text […]