Artboards in Adobe Illustrator 3: Rearrange artboards

I’ve previously showed how you can save time by working on duplicated artboards in parallel and how to rename and save artboards with unique names for seperate files. It is also nice to know, how artboards can be rearranged. There are two cases where I often find this feature useful.  By tracking artboard up or […]

Artboards in Adobe Illustrator 2: Rename and save

Last time I wrote a bit about how to duplicate and customize artboards for later working in parallel.  Usually I don´t rename Arboards, but from time to time I need to save each artboard separately. It can then be useful to give artboards a proper name to avoid confusion. The picture above shows, that when […]

Artboards in Adobe Illustrator: Duplicate artboards

The first theme of my blog will be about artboards in Adobe Illustrator. In my work I often need to create variations of the same basic artwork. Therefore I prefer to duplicate artboards, rather than create them from scratch.   As an example I’ll show how to create variations of a simple hang tag. So […]